Order is half of life! But how do you organize your household and manage to keep everything tidy? If you are a tidy person by nature, then tidying up will certainly be easy for you, and you might even enjoy it. But that's not the case for everyone; either the desire to organize is missing or simply the instructions or practical tips on how to "make the ship clear".

How do I keep things tidy?

Tidying up is not only good for the apartment, but also for the soul. Of course, it is best if major clean-up campaigns are not necessary in the first place. If you're not one of those neatly organized people, then follow this rule of thumb: it's better to do it often and briefly than rarely and laboriously. Because what keeps many from tidying up is the shyness of the big deed. But most of the time it doesn't need it. If you go through the entire apartment and invest exactly three minutes in tidying up each room, you will be surprised how tidy the home looks afterwards.

If a lot has backed up and there are major "construction sites" to deal with, then a proper mucking out and subsequent tidying up is worthwhile; e.g. according to Marie Kondo 's method.

But where to start? Right with the closet. And with that you are already acting in the spirit of the KonMari method, because this involves clearing out your belongings in a certain order: clothes come first, then books, then documents and papers, then small items and finally memorabilia.

Organize with the right tools

You can't put clothes and trousers on shelves like books. Get an overview of all your clothes. If you have a lot of clothes to hang, hanger organizers are awesome. And what to do with the little things like socks, underwear, ties, etc.? In the drawer, but invest in organizers here as well; Worth it!

Open food packages in the kitchen are not nice to look at and also bad for the product. Place started foods such as pasta, cornflakes, pastries, flour, sugar, etc. in storage containers . Not only do they look pretty on the kitchen shelf, the food also stays fresh longer.

Even children should learn early enough that order is part of life. Teach your kids to tidy up in a fun way. A play carpet that can be converted into a storage bag in no time at all is a great approach to counteracting the chaos in the children's room.


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