home in the fall

Zuhause im Herbst

When the days get shorter again and the temperatures drop, people are drawn back into their own four walls from outside. Instead of being at a garden party or sitting on the outdoor terrace with our favorite Italian, we long for security, warmth and intimacy. And we find that especially in our home.

A cozy home

Home is the best! Especially when you finally come home from a stressful and long day at work. The front door slams behind you, you put on something comfortable and then make yourself comfortable on the sofa with a cup of tea or a glass of wine. It is precisely in such moments that one realizes how much one's own apartment has to offer. It really makes you want to make your home more comfortable. Large living areas, fluffy carpets, skins and blankets , soft pillows and a fireplace - who wouldn't feel at home there!

Cosiness with a Scandinavian touch

At Luoma Living we have our roots in the north. This influence is also reflected in the selection of our range. The Scandinavian style of living is primarily composed of light colors, minimalist design and lots of space and freedom. But as with any furnishing style, it is the details that count. Because carefully selected home accessories, souvenirs or photographs that remind you of good times together, as well as comfortable design products such as practical reading chairs and cozy cotton blankets ensure comfort with a Scandinavian touch. It's these little things that make your home personal and give each room a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

To brighten up the dark autumn and winter evenings, stylish candlesticks and tea light holders, as well as fresh flowers and plants in decorative flowerpots that provide a natural touch in the living room and kitchen are ideal.

Create Hygge

"Hygge" is a Danish term that describes a comfortable and relaxed attitude to life. Give your home such a hygge atmosphere by implementing our furnishing tips. But don't stress about it. Because setting yourself up is a process that should be enjoyed. Home accessories in Scandinavian style are timeless and a cozy interior takes time.


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